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The Taormina Film Fest cut in 2019, the goal of the 65th edition and is renewed, not only in graphics but also in that relating purely to the editorial line of content. From the stage of the Teatro Antico of Taormina, the biggest outdoor cinema in the world, have passed away, the brightest stars in the firmament, international and the most acclaimed excellence in the panorama of the Seventh Art. And these in Taormina will never be lacking, a privileged destination which is of stardom and international musa natural for the big screen. The edition of 65, then, sees in the center of the editorial line as well as a composite structuring of the international Competition and the return of a regulation – available online – that, with particular regard to the prominent three sections, reintroduces and institutionalises the historical awards of the Festival, ensuring and adapting to the tradition of a respectful policy for the award ceremony. In the context of an editorial line clear and well-argued, articulated a rich, substantial and heterogeneous international competition, which it is hoped to return more and more central in what has historically been the second festival, the most ancient just after the art Exhibition Venice film festival. In this edition, more than 20 nazionialità will take part in three specific categories that will respectively work on the feature film, documentary, and works first or the second, or independent, and low budget. This last section devoted to the vision and judgement of a jury composed by university students, actively involved in masterclasses and screenings dedicated to film director winner of the same section a the official award indenaro is paid by Paola Ferrari De Benedetti). In the schedule also feature films out of competition, including the works of established and emerging authors in which the narration is accompanied by the characteristic forms of expressive originality or genre, to the latest aesthetic and expressive trends. Inside of the section has also hosted a selection of competing short films, and selected on the basis of the quality and peculiarities of language and expression. This is the epilogue of the decade also sees the lucky return in the evening of 6 expected titles of the international cinema in the picturesque setting of the Ancient Theatre for the general public, without constraints of gender and destination. Theater that will host as many awards of the evening, in addition to the closing ceremony. The festival, already present during the Awards Season in Los Angeles, within the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival, is officially unveiled on may 15 on the Croisette of the Cannes Film Festival, and respectfully includes being a partner of the Silver Ribbons of the National Union of Italian Cinema Journalists that, on the 29th of June this year, immediately preceding the festival. A total of more than 70 screenings in original language with subtitles in Italian or in English, including previews, recoveries, gifts and presentations, restores dignity and centrality to the Competition and to the cinema. But Taormina is not to be missed are the guests, with the many delegations of the cast, artistic and technical of the invited films from all over the world, together with the academy Awards, the stars and the faces of the iconic big screen in the pearl of the Ionian sea are ever present. Warranty are the two different techniques (Feature Films and Documentary) – the first presided over by three-time winner of the Academy Award for Oliver Stone – and composed of prominent personalities of film or culture of different Countries. The path of the Official Selection and the reintroduction of the press, historical Review Press, Charybdis, film, directing,documentary, Masks of Polyphemus in the best interpretation of a female and male, 8 Taormina Arte Awards to personalities who have shown the Seventh Art) accord with the aims of the Festival to foster the knowledge and promote the dissemination of international cinema in all its forms, in a climate of freedom and dialogue between cultures, realities and languages of audiovisual, particularly with regard to overseas and the one independent, in the early stages, emerging authors, to films from smaller but also works that address specific genres and current production, with the intent of innovation and singularity of creative. To do the counter products intended for the general public, that combine the genres, the destinations, the segments of the market and industry, facilitating in the moment of the apex of the summer tourist season the dissemination and promotion of a festival formula is a generalist, open to all audiences, without neglecting aspects of both the mainstream, that authorial. The renewed formula of the festival, with an average of 10 screenings daily, devotes to the public, and cinema lessons with excellent guests and thematic focus that respect the history and the ambitions of the event-open to the new perspectives of the industry: Apple makes his official debut as a protagonist in an international festival as a producer of television content and the audience of the festival will be also presented the documentary, “The Elephant Queen” and the movie “Hala”, in the presence of its cast, in an operation of great promotional impact and distribution. The headquarters of the projections will be the Palazzo dei Congressi of Taormina, with a capacity of 920 and 220 seats,will host screenings, lectures and meetings. But the festival is primarily an event of the city and this is intended: exhibitions, appointments, and fittings to enhance so the places and spaces, and promoting publicly the image.


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The poster

65° Taormina Film Fest

The poster of 65° Taormina Film Fest, signed by Daniela Monaco, is dedicated to the sensual play admirably personified by the famous dancing scene in the movie "The conformist" by Bernardo Bertolucci, which is ideally paid a tribute to the memory. Are the sinuous, elegant and provocative movements of the two faint stars of the big screen - eternate and sublimated to the best in more than one film of the great Master who recently passed away - earning the middle of the track and the scene under the astonished gaze of Jean-Louis Trintignant and unwitting bystanders. A bow around which solves the composed elegance of the bourgeois Giulia Stefania Sandrelli, the betrothed of a professor of philosophy and light-fascist Jean Louis-Trintignant, who came to Paris to kill professor Quadri, a political dissident who took refuge in France, and husband of the fair Anna Dominique Sanda, who had so impressed the director, "so beautiful, So sweet" by Robert Bresson. Suspicion, provocation, hostility and seduction. But in the couple's relationship that exemplifies the dance in the mask of fascism, there are two especially bright stars that have shone in the summers of taormina. Here do it under the auspices of a great filmmaker who, already in '65, he presented to Taormina "Before the revolution", sitting in the audience of the Ancient Theatre at the side of a beaming Adriana Asti



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