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6/5/2015 - The bravery of the great women at Taormina FilmFest
Worldwide one billion women, or one in three, suffer physical violence and more than ninety percent goes unnoticed."TaorminaFilmFest, continues this year commitment ever to the fight against violence against women - said Tiziana Rocca General Manager -. Present examples that are concerned with great commitment of the problem, as Studio 189 Rosario Dawsone and Abrima Erwiah that with resourcefulness and courage have shown how it is possible to fight against this situation and to become victims to protagonists of their own lives. Fashion 4 Development of which Franca Sozzani is an ambassador and the commitment of the director Cecilia Peck with his documentary Brave Miss World.At the opening of the Festival, on June 13 at the Greek Theatre, Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah they receive the Taormina Humanitarian Award.Internationally recognized for He Got Game and The 25th now directed by Spike Lee, the actress Rosario Dawson has created in 2011 with the expert fashion Abrima Erwiah Studio 189, a social enterprise that "uses" fashion as an agent of social change creating job opportunities and enhancement for women. In addition to an e-commerce, Studio 189 has created the collection of fashion crafts Rising Fashion Collection, curated by the same Dawson and launched in 2013 in support of the One Billion Rising, the largest mass action to end violence against women. Inspired by his ideals, Rising Fashion Collection is the unique collaboration of artists, designers and craftsmen to oppose violence against women by creating a more sustainable fashion.In 2014, Studio 189 has been chosen for Vogue Black / x F4D, the project launched by Vogue Italy and to support Fashion 4 Development, including Franca Sozzani is Goodwill Ambassador in 2011, a charity that represents the global another virtuous reality to promote economic and human development of the countries through fashion. Sozzani also will be present at the opening of the Festival on June 13 just to talk of Fashion 4 Development.It 'another story of female liberation that will be projected on the screens of Taormina with Brave Miss World, the documentary by Cecilia Peck. Its protagonist, Linor Abargil was held captive, and stabbed violently raped by a travel agent at age 18 while working as a model in Milan. Six weeks after winning the Miss World title and promises herself to turn her rape in the rescue.The director Cecilia Peck has followed for over four years making the documentary Brave Miss World, a film that explores the trauma of sexual violence through the journey of a young woman teenage rape victim, a winner of Miss World to lawyer activist.The film has been selected in several international festivals including the Festival of Chicago and the Afi Docs and brings on all displays the words and example of Linor after the ruling that has imprisoned her rapist "If I could do it I, you can too. If something bad happened to you not to be afraid to tell it. "The TaorminaFilmFest is produced by Agnus Dei, promoted by the Committee Taormina, with the support of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and the Regional Tourism and the collaboration of Cinema Sicilian Region.