8/30/2013 - To Laura Morante, the Award Kinéo Taormina FilmFest
ToBernardo Bertolucci , Laura Morante , Maria Sole Tognazzi and Margherita Buy , George Straight , special awards Kinéo : SNCCI , Taormina Film Fest , Rai Trade and WWF. In an audience of artists from the 11. Kinéo edition of the Prize " Diamanti al Cinema " which promises to be extraordinary, here's one of the special prizes awarded by the advances SNCCI , from the Taormina Film Fest , by Rai Trade and WWF . A " You and I " by Bernardo Bertolucci , special recognition of SNCCI . " An important chapter in its long and troubled romance film " - as stated by Franco Montini , president of the union itself - " where the secret soul of the film, played entirely on the inside and on the outside , the expansion ( of fantasy and desire ) and close ( fear, pain, illness ) , challenge the physical space of a cellar and dreams as always the infinite. " A Laura Morante for his ironic sentimental comedy enriched by a constant sense of aesthetics , " cherries " at the Taormina Film Fest awards its prize in Venice. Present during the awards ceremony the mayor of Taormina, Eligio Giardina who will deliver the prize Taormina Film Fest in partnership with Kineo . The award Rai Trade for the best outcome of a film distributed abroad is attributed to "Journey itself" by Maria Sole Tognazzi , masterfully played by Margherita Buy for this role who got the David di Donatello . Luigi de Siervo , Director Commercial Division Rai , in this regard states '' Maria Sole Tognazzi was able to outline a cosmopolitan woman , modern and credible , for Italians but also for the rest of the world . This is the reason why the film is having so much success outside the borders of our own . The film has obtained immediately by a large consensus both in Europe and in other continents, and has been distributed in over 10 territories including Japan, the United States , Canada, Australia and New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Sry Lanka , Oman, Taiwan , Sinagapore , Hong Kong. " George Rights , for its " One day you have to go ," which by the majesty of the Amazon forest gives us a pristine world and the dream of a spirituality in everyday life , it is the Kinéo & WWF Award.