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Handy (2017)

Directed by Vincenzo Cosentino
Country Italia, 2017 - 80'
Showing on 7/6/2017 16.00
Palazzo dei Congressi
Franco Nero

Director biography
Vincenzo Antonio Cosentino (born August 13, 1982) is an awarded filmmaker (director, screenwriter and film editor).

Cosentino was born in Siracuse, (Sicily) on August 13, 1982. He lived mostly in Gravina di Catania Sicily. After finishing his studies in economics (in Catania), he migrated to Australia in March 2007 to study film making.

His first success came with the short film "I Have Learned" in an Avid Student Competition. Cosentino made eight short films in less than 10 months.

He is the writer, director, cinematographer and editor of all his eight short movies (except in the movie "The Light" where he was not the cinematographer).