The premiere of “RED BELT”, the new film by David Mamet, will be projected at the Teatro Antico during the night presented by LORENA BIANCHETTI. Red belt tells the story of Mike Terry (Chivetel Ejiofor), a jiu-jitsu teacher that avoided the system of fighting for money choosing to live a honourable life opening a centre of self-defence based on a samurai code. Terry and his wife Sondra (Alicia Braga) have some difficulties to carry on their activity and to balance the accounts. An accident in the Academy during a dark and rainy night between a policeman out of commission (Max Martini) and a restless lawyer (Emily Mortimer) provoked a series of events that change Terry’s life, bringing the man into contact with some organizers of fights (Ricky Jay e Joe Montegna) and with the cinema star Chet Frank (Tim Allen). Because of his debts Terry will have to fight for the very first time in his life. The meetings of Campus Taormina continues. The protagonist today is Alessio Boni, after Giacomo Cesari and Marco Fagotti. First master class with GIUSEPPE FIORELLO: after making the honours in the opening night, one of the most loved Sicilian actors presents himself and the film version of “La vita rubata”. Great day with the screening of the short Sicilian films that compete for the N.I.C.E.- Intel Centrino”: once again the Festival repeats its engagement in the promotion of the production of Sicilian films through this important manifestation, whose winner will take part to the N.I.C.E.’s(New Italian Cinema Events) worldwide shows. Other short films will be projected in the section Taormina-Sicilia Film Commission.