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Taormina Arte and the Taormina FilmFest this year are celebrating one of Italy’s most important film directors: Giuseppe Tornatore.
It is not merely a retrospective created within the confines of a cinema festival, but a celebration of a man who, unlike many, has portrayed the beauty, the poetry, the spirit and the contradictions of Sicily and of the Sicilians at the same time as analysing the complex nuances of the human soul.
This has been an important year for Giuseppe Tornatore. He has achieved great success and critical acclaim for his “La Sconosciuta”, both in Italy and abroad. It’s enough to consider the Italian Cinema Festival in Paris where he was guest of honour and above all the three Nastri d’Argento and five David di Donatello that proclaimed him the best director of the year.
But if this Festival, on one hand is celebrating Tornatore’s full-length films, it is also discovering a lesser-known director of television adverts, documentaries and interviews, some of which have never been seen before.
The retrospective opens on the 16 June, the inauguration of the Taormina FilmFest, with a whole night dedicated to Giuseppe Tornatore. He will not only receive his Taormina Arte Award at the Greek Theatre, in an evening presented by Beppe Fiorello, but the entire night’s programme will be dedicated to his films, shorts and documentaries both at the Theatre and the Conference Centre until 6 in the morning.
Every day from 9pm in Sala B of the Conference Centre one of his full-length films, one advert and two documentaries will be screened. The programme will then be repeated on the18, 19, 21 and 22 June, in Sala B of the Conference Centre at 2pm.
We shall also reveal another side of Tornatore, the man behind the camera, the man who created his characters through the immortalised images in the “Uno Sguardo dal set” exhibition, yet another important event to celebrate the Sicilian director. The Festival will be inaugurated on Saturday afternoon on the first floor of the Conference Centre and will be open to the public until the 15 July: 90 photos immortalising the director on the sets of his films and his greatest actors, Marcello Mastroianni, Ben Gazzara, Philippe Noiret, Jaques Perrin, Tim Roth, Gerard Depardieu, Michele Placido, Monica Bellucci, Laura Del Sol, Tiziana Lodato, Pupella Maggio, Xenia Rappoport, Claudia Gerini, to name but a few.
Two publications shall also be dedicated to Tornatore: “Uno sguardo dal set”, edited by Ninni Panzera, a 360 degree portrait of the man and his work published by “Silvana Editoriale”, with the collaboration of cinema critics that have contributed to the various parts of the catalogue; “The fourth musketeer – a few words with Riccardo Freda”, the manuscript of Tornatore’s interview with the director Riccardo Freda in 1996, the first in a series of books to be published by Taormina Arte.