Transformers' day

in approval. The expectation is about to end. Tonight at the Greek Theatre, the whole world will have its eyes on the world’s first screening of “Transformers” at the Taormina Film Fest 2007. Both the audience and all those involved in the Festival are ready for the most important event not only of today but of the entire international cinema week. More than 20 years after the first Transformer toys were made for the American market, to launch the comics, and after the cartoon film directed in 1986 by Nelson Shin, the first full-length film based on the famous transforming robots has arrived in Taormina. It features two alien species at war with each other, the Autobots and the Decepticons and the earth becomes a battlefield while the whole future of humanity is at stake. What actually happens has been kept a closely guarded secret despite the fact that the first photos and trailers have been seen on internet: Taormina and the Taormina Film Fest has been chosen as the splendid location for the world’s very first screening of Transformers. Just before the screening of the film, the director, Michael Bay will be presented with the Taormina Arte Award. This prestigious prize will be given in recognition of his world famous great action movies: from The Rock to Armageddon, from Bad Boys I and II to The Island and Pearl Harbor. This evening at the Greek Theatre, the Taormina Arte Award, donated by Harry Winston, will also be presented to Margherita Buy, a tribute to one of the most talented and successful actresses of contemporary Italian Cinema, who, through hard work and great dedication, in recent years, has earned the admiration of her audiences and the acclaim of the critics.