Lucky You 's day

There was a special welcome for Duvall, back in Taormina after four years when at the Film Fest in 2003 he presented another of his films, “Assassination Tango” for which he received the Taormina Arte Award for Cinematic Excellence. The Taormina Arte Award – consisting of a precious gold watch donated by Harry Winston – was awarded on this occasion to Terence Davies, the 62 year old director from Liverpool now considered, by the critics, one of the most authoritative voices of British Cinema in the world and whose film "The House of Mirth" will be screened tomorrow at the Conference Centre, followed by a cinema lesson. “The House of Mirth” his last film, dated 2000, directed by Davies is based on the novel by Edith Wharton, which narrates the social decline of the beautiful Lily Bart in the superficial corrupt world of the New York aristocracy at the beginning of the twentieth century. The Taormina Film Fest, under the artistic direction of Deborah Young, is thus celebrating one of today’s greatest cinema directors by showing parallelisms between the realities of the past and those of the world of today, where money and appearances often play such an important role. Yesterday evening at the Taormina Film Fest, Baris Pirhasan the director of “Adam and the Devil” and Masaky Hamamoto, director of “Beyond the Crimson Sky” also both presented their films in the festival’s programme, respectively for the “Mediterranea” and “Oltre il Mediterraneo” competitions.