Sicilian short films "Intel Centrino Award"

The prize for the best production of Sicilian short films, sponsored by the Intel, the sponsor of Taormina Arte and of the Taormina Film Fest, will, moreover, be awarded by a special jury, which will be able to vote telematically. Above all, the winning director will be given the opportunity to participate subsequently, with a grant from Taormina Arte, in festivals in the USA, Russia and Holland, where the short film, which made its name in the magical surroundings of the Greek Theatre in Taormina, will be presented. Thanks to Taormina Arte and the Taormina Film Fest the new Sicilian directors will have the magnificent chance to go on a promotional world tour. New York, San Francisco, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Amsterdam and The Hague are the places where in the next few months the award winning short of the “Intel Centrino Duo Miglior Corto Siciliano 2007” will have the right to participate as one of the 7 short films presented, one by one, to the Festival’s audience. The appointment at the Taormina Film Fest will give the opportunity to the best award winning Sicilian short to be screened in prestigious festivals abroad.