1. The 53rd Taormina Film Festival will take place in Taormina, Sicily in the Greek Theatre and in the Palazzo dei Congressi from June 16 to June 22, 2007. The event is promoted and organized by the
Taormina Arte Committee and supported by the Office of Tourism, Communications and Transport of Sicily, by the Film Department of the Ministry of Culture, and by various private sponsors.

2. The Taormina Film Fest 2007 will be divided into the following sections:
- GRAND CINEMA in the Greek Theatre
- BEYOND THE MEDITERRANEAN (out of competition)
- SICILIAN SHORT FEATURE FILM competition and Taormina-NICE award for best Sicilian short feature film

3. Grand Cinema in the Greek Theatre - Every evening, for seven evenings, a film or event aimed at large audiences will be presented.

4. Mediterranean competition – A selection of 7 films produced in the Mediterranean region will compete for Best Film, which will be selected by the official jury. The winner will receive the Golden Tauro during
the closing ceremony.

5. Beyond the Mediterranean – A selection of 7 films produced in countries outside the Mediterranean region will be screened out of competition.

6. Taormina-NICE Award for Best Sicilian Short Feature Film – A selection of up to 12 films produced in Sicily and directed by a Sicilian after July 2006, each lasting no more than 15 minutes, will be screened during the festival. Pre-selection of these films will be made by New Italian Cinema Events (NICE) of Florence and then judged by an audience jury during the festival (more details are available in the
Regulations for Sicilian shorts).

7. Taormina Arte Awards – During the festival, several international filmmakers and actors will be presented with the Taormina Arte Award for their remarkable creative contributions to film.

8. Master Classes – Five internationally renowned artists will hold classes following a screening of a film of their choice.

9. Giuseppe Tornatore Retrospective – A complete retrospective of the great Sicilian director’s works will take place. The program will include ten feature films, ten documentaries produced by Rai TV, and a
number of commercials directed by Tornatore.

10. Guest of Honor: Egypt – Throughout the week, we will show seven programs of films, documentaries and short films to give a taste of the history of Egyptian cinema and its remarkable recent works.

11. The films in all the sections will be selected by the artistic board of the festival, who will decide the dates of the screenings based on the festival’s overall requirements.


12. All films will be shown at the festival in the original version, with Italian and English subtitles where needed. The festival will provide electronic Italian subtitles at its own expense, whereas the producers must present all finally selected films with English subtitles, on penalty of being excluded from the selection.

13. Only DVD and VHS cassettes (Pal, Secam or NTSC) will be considered for selection. They must be sent at the sender’s own expense, by and not after May 15, 2007, to the following address:
Taormina Film Fest
Via di Monte Testaccio, 39
00153 Rome, Italy.
For customs purposes, the shipments should bear on envelope the following words: “WITHOUT ANY COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL USE ONLY”.
Shipments bearing declarations that make them impossible to be cleared through Italian customs will be returned to sender. Cassettes and DVDs must reach the Taormina office without implying any burden of taxation to the festival; otherwise they will be returned to sender.
Cassettes or DVDs sent to the festival for pre-selection will not be given back, unless the sender specifically requests the festival to do so AND pays forwarding charges.

14. Together with the work, all submissions must be accompanied by the application form properly filled in. The pre-selection entry form may be downloaded from the festival internet site (, or requested by e-mail at: Together with the video cassette or DVD, we highly recommend that simultaneously an e-mail be sent alerting the festival that it is coming. The deadline for submitting a film is May 15, 2007.

15. The films selected by the festival committee to be screened at the Taormina Film Fest in the various sections will receive an official letter of invitation and a (final) second entry form. By signing this official entry form, the participants irrevocably agree to have their film shown at the 53rd Taormina Film Fest. The selected works will generally be screened in a 35mm format.

16. Participants automatically agree to allow the use of trailers up to three minutes long of their films for television promotion.

17. The invited works will be insured at the festival’s expense against all risks, from the moment they are delivered to the shipping agent to the moment when they are delivered back by the same shipping
agent or any other person or organization named by the lawful owner. In case any work submitted to the festival should be damaged due to the fault of the festival, the insurance of the Taormina Film Fest will only and solely reimburse the material cost of the damaged copy or reel. The works will not be copied, duplicated or presented anywhere but in the official places of the event.

18. Prints of the selected films will be returned to the producer at the festival’s expense. However, if the film is coming from and/or is being sent on to another festival, the Taormina Film Fest will only
take care of one-way shipping of the print. No exceptions will be made to this rule.

19. Signing the final application or shipping the print implies full acceptance of the foregoing regulations. Should unsettled controversies arise regarding the application of the regulations, the final and unappealable decision will be taken by the director of the Festival. The offical address of the artistic board of the Festival is the following:
Taormina Film Fest
Via di Monte Testaccio, 39
00153 Rome, ITALY
Tel : (39) 06 45445927
Fax : (39) 06 57284364
e.mail: -