The international jury this year is composed of world-class filmmakers who will assign the first Gold Tauro, a new prize that is represented by a Greek coin depicting a bull (the tauromenitam) found in Taormina and re-elaborated by designer Tina Berenato. They will also award a Special Jury prize and Best Actor and Actress awards on stage at the Greek Theater on June 22.

Luis Puenzo - President
Argentinian director. “La puta y la ballena”, his latest film, was a box office hit both in Argentina and the rest of the world. He has been the first Latin American to win an Oscar for Best Foreign Picture: it was 1985, the film “Historia Oficial”, story of a teacher who discovers only at the end of the dictatorship of having shared her entire life with a “repressor” of the “Guerra Sucia” (the “Dirty War” fought by the secret police against regime opponents.) Among his films, “La Peste”, a very personal work from 1993, starring William Hurt and Robert Duvall.

Peter Scarlet
Longtime head of the San Francisco International Film Festival, is the executive director of the Tribeca Film Festival from 2003 working on the side of co-founders Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal. Scarlet, a native of Manhattan, recently served as the director general of the Cinematheque Francaise. He is best known for his work heading the San Francisco International Film Festival as its director from 1983 to 2001. (102)

Goran Paskaljievic
Serbian director and screenwriter. In 1992, due to the outbreak of the civil war in former Jugoslavia he’s forced to leave his native country. After living in Paris for some years he returns to Belgrade to shoot “Bure Baruta” (Cabaret Balkan, 1998). The film earns international critic acclaim and wins Best Film at Venice Film Festival. His open opposition to Slobodan Milosevic’ regime force him to leave Serbia once again and move to Ireland, where he sets “How Harry Became a Tree” (2000.) following the fall of the Serbian regime, Paskaljevic returns to his native country. In 2001 Variety’s International Film Guide has listed him amongst the five best directors of the year

Marwan Hamed
Director. In 1999 he graduates from the Cinema Institute of Geza, Egypt. He has been the assistant director of Shreif Arafa, Samir Keif, Khayri Beshara e Dawoud Abd El-Sawed. His first long feature film is “The Yacoubian Building”, and features two of the most important stars of the Arab world, Youssra and Adel Imam.

Franco Battiato
An original, eclectic artist, Franco Battiato has worked in different musical styles, from his romantic beginnings to experimental music, from refined avant-guarde to opera, ethnic sounds, progressive rock and pop, always managing to find appreciation both with audiences and the critics. He has often worked in collaboration with such figures as violinist Giusto Pio and philosopher Manlio Sgalambro, building a varied artistic career that has included film directing.