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:: Taormina Film Fest starts

The 52nd edition of the TaorminaFilmFest will take place from June 20th to June 25th at the Greek Theatre and at the Taormina Congress Palace under the artistic direction of Felice Laudadio. The event - promoted and realized by the Taormina Arte Committee - is primarily supported by the Tourism, Communication and Transport Council, by the Agriculture and Forests Council and by the Cultural Environmental Assets and Public Instruction Council of the Sicilian Region, by the Cinema General Direction of the Ministry of Cultural Activities, by POR, by the Taormina Municipality, by the Taormina Sojourn and Tourism Autonomous Establishment and by public and private sponsors such as Nokia, Harry Winston, Intel, Videobank, Hotel Timeo, dB Technologies, Toshiba, the Sicilian Motorways Cartel, nuova Grazia, Taormina Hoteliers Association, Taormina Municipal Services Establishment.

These are the films scheduled at the Greek Theatre:

1.THE SENTINEL by Clark Johnson, with Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Eva Longoria and Kim Basinger. USA 2006 (June 20th)
2.BANDIDAS by Joachim Roenning and Espen Sandberg, with Penélope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Steve Zahn and Sam Shepard. France-Mexico-USA 2006 (June 21st)
3.SEEKING FEAR by Robin Webb, with Lisa Ray, Charlene Frenetz and Rick Moore. Canada 2005 (June 22nd)
4.UNITED 93 by Paul Greengrass. France-Great Britain-USA 2006 (June 23rd)
5.WATER by Deepa Metha, with Lisa Ray. Canada-India 2006 (June 24th)
6.THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA by Rupert Julian, with Lon Chaney, Mary Phillbin, Norman Kerry. USA 1925. Restored version with musical accompaniment by Giovanni Renzo (June 25th).

The Italian Cinema will be widely represented in Taormina during the ItaliaFilmFest second edition. 14 long feature films and 5 documentaries produced between June 2005 and May 2006 will be presented. During the final evening (June 25th) - presented, like the others, by Orsetta Gregoretti - the Jury, composed by five authorative foreign critics belonging to the FIPRESCI (the International Federation of Film Critics) and presided by the FIPRESCI President (The international critic judges the Italian cinema) will give the following awards:

- Franco Cristaldi Award to the best producer
- Mario Monicelli Award to the best director
- Suso Cecchi D’Amico Award to the best screenplay
- Tonino Guerra Award to the best story
- Anna Magnani Award to the best leading actress
- Gian Maria Volonté Award to the best leading actor
- Ennio Morricone Award to the best music composer
- Giuseppe Rotunno Award to the best cinematographer
- Dante Ferretti Award to the best art director
- Roberto Perpignani Award to the best film editor
- Piero Tosi Award to the best costume designer

These are the films selected by Felice Laudadio:

1.LA BESTIA NEL CUORE by Cristina Comencini (June 20th)
2.LA TERRA by Sergio Rubini (20th)
3.IL MIO MIGLIOR NEMICO by Carlo Verdone (21st)
4.IN ASCOLTO by Giacomo Martelli (21st)
5.ARRIVEDERCI AMORE, CIAO by Michele Soavi (21st)
6.NOTTE PRIMA DEGLI ESAMI by Fausto Brizzi (22nd)
7.PIANO 17 by Antonio and Marco Manetti (22nd)
8.LA GUERRA DI MARIO by Antonio Capuano (22nd)
9.ROMANZO CRIMINALE by Michele Placido (23rd)
10.I GIORNI DELL’ABBANDONO by Roberto Faenza (23rd)
11.IL REGISTA DI MATRIMONI by Marco Bellocchio (23rd)
12.IL CAIMANO by Nanni Moretti (24th)
13.L’ESTATE DEL MIO PRIMO BACIO by Carlo Virzì (24th)
14.ANCHE LIBERO VA BENE by Kim Rossi Stuart (24th).

A selection of Italian documentaries will take part to the competition for the first time at the TaorminaFilmFest and evaluated by a Jury composed by the audience that will assign the:

- Vittorio De Seta Award for the best documentary

These are the documentaries selected by Felice Laudadio and Maurizio Di Rienzo

1.ODESSA by Leonardo Di Costanzo and Bruno Oliviero (June 20th)
2.CRAJ by Davide Marengo (21st)
3.CAMICIE VERDI by Claudio Lazzaro (22nd)
4.IN UN ALTRO PAESE by Marco Turco (23rd)
5.SESSANTOTTO by Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani (24th).

A short feature films competition will represent another important section of the TaorminaFilmFest 2006 section. The short films will be evaluated by the same FIPRESCI Jury that will consign the 5.000 € Taormina Award for the best short feature film. These are the short films in competition:

1.EGGS by James Cotter, Ireland (June 20th)
2.MARNI by Elisa Fuksas, Usa/Italy (20th)
3.NEST by Evgeniy Khvorostyanko, Ukraine (21st)
4.LE DUEL by Marie-Lou Dorval, Canada (21st)
5.BREVET by Rune Nohr Christiansen, Danemark (22nd)
6.4 ¼ by Aundre Johnson, USA (22nd)
7.THE OBSTACLE by Guro Rugstad Jenssen, Norway (22nd)
8.SPARKY THE SPACE DOG by Jimmy Murakami, Ireland (23rd)
9.TE QUIERO MAL by Mireia Girò, Spain (23rd)
10.ANGEL by Will Khan, Canada (23rd)
11.RULES by Sean Garrity, Canada (24th)
12.TI VOGLIO BENE ASSAI by Fernando Muraca, Italy (24th).

Five "Cinema Lessons" are will also take place and will be held by:

1.CARLO VERDONE in occasion of the launch of the DVD materials of the film BIANCO, ROSSO E VERDONE by Carlo Verdone (June 20th) and in occasion of the screening of the film IL MIO MIGLIOR NEMICO by Carlo Verdone (June 21st)
2.LUIS BACALOV after the screening of IL POSTINO by Michael Radford (22nd)
3.KRZYSZTOF ZANUSSI after the screening of PERSONA NON GRATA by Krzysztof Zanussi (June 22nd)
4.RICKY TOGNAZZI in occasion of the promotion of a selection of short films realized with NOKIA mobile phones (23rd).
5.DEEPA MEHTA after the screenings of the films FIRE and EARTH directed by her (25th).

In the morning of June 24th, the day after the screening of film UNITED 93 directed by Paul Greengrass at the Greek Theatre, a meeting about CINEMA AND TERRORISM will take place. Prof. Mario Bolognari, historian, Richard Borg and other culture and show business representatives will take part to this meeting.

This year, the Taormina Arte Awards for Cinematic Excellence - embodied by very precious watches offered by the sponsor Harry Winston - will be given to:

- Carlo Verdone
- Luis Bacalov
- Krzysztof Zanussi
- Valeria Golino
- Deepa Mehta.

Two Special Events will also be scheduled at 2006 TaorminaFilmFest:

1.AGENTE MATRIMONIALE by Christian Bisceglia, produced by Eleonora Giorgi and Massimo Ciavarro, entirely realized in Sicily, particularly in Catania (June 25th)
2.SALVATORE by Giampaolo Cugno, first Italian film produced by Buena Vista and entirely realized in Sicily (25th, extract from the film which is not yet completed)

The 2006 TaorminaFilmFest Direction Committee is composed by Patrizia Prosperi, general secretariat, Marco Spagnoli and Gaia Tridente, programmers; Maurizio Di Rienzo, Consultant for the selection of the documentaries; Giorgia Zacchei, secretariat and FIPRESCI coordination; Orsola Severini, juries secretary; Francesca Pappalardo, ceremonial. The general catalogue is edited by Adele Dorothy Ciampa. The Taormina Arte Committee press office is held by Fabio Tracuzzi, the Festival press office by Olivia Alighiero and Flavia Schiavi for PUNTOeVIRGOLA.

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