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Art. 1 The 52.nd edition of the TaorminaFilmFest will be held from the 20th to the 25th of June 2006 at the Greek Amphitheatre and at the Congress Hall of Taormina. The festival is organized by the Taormina Arte Foundation, and mostly sustained by the Tourism Council of Communication and Transport of the Sicilian Region, in collaboration with the Cinema General Direction of the Ministry of Cultural Activities and other prestigious private sponsors.

Art. 2 The TaorminaFilmFest 2006 will comprise the following sections:
• Great Cinema at the Greek Theatre
• ItaliaFilmFest 2006®
• International short feature films
• Taormina Arte Award for Cinematic Excellence
• Cinema Lessons
This year, as an exception, due by the very difficult Italian economic situation which deeply affects the cultural activity of the whole country, the Taormina FilmFest will not host the competitive section “Cinema of the world”, usually dedicated to the most recently produced films all over the world.

Art. 3 Section Great Cinema at the Greek Theatre
Every evening on the wide screen of the Greek Theatre will be presented an International film of great spectacular impact as a World or European première. 6 films from different countries will be selected and scheduled to be part of the program.

Art. 4 Section ItaliaFilmFest®
The Italian Cinema will be widely represented in Taormina, on occasion of the second edition of the Italia FilmFest. 15 Italian films, produced between June 2006 and May 2006, and 7 Italian documentaries of most recent production, will be part of this section. On the final evening of June 25th the following awards will be consigned by the Jury which will be mostly composed by the same titulars of the awards:
• Franco Cristaldi Award to the best producer
• Mario Monicelli Award to the best director
• Suso Cecchi D’Amico Award to the best screenplay
• Tonino Guerra Award to the best script
• Anna Magnani Award to the best leading actress
• Gian Maria Volonté Award to the best leading actor
• Ennio Morricone Award to the best music composer
• Giuseppe Rotunno Award to the best cinematographer
• Dante Ferretti Award to the best art director
• Roberto Perpignani Award to the best film editor
• Piero Tosi Award to the best costume designer
• Vittorio De Seta to the best documentary

Art. 5 Section International short feature films
This section will be dedicated to 15 short feature films of International production, absolutely Italian première, possibly European and World première. Short feature films will not have to exceed the maximum length of 15’. These short feature films will be evaluated by an Audience Jury which will also assign the Taormina Arte Award for the best short feature film of 5000 €.

Art. 6 Section Taormina Arte Award for Cinematic Excellence
During the festival evenings, prestigious International personalities will be granted the Taormina Arte Award for Cinematic Excellence for their relevant cinematic creativity.

Art. 7 Section Cinema Lessons
Some of the International personalities who will receive the Taormina Arte Award for Cinematic Excellence, will also hold a Cinema Lesson. There will be one Cinema Lesson a day and each Cinema Lesson will be preceded by the screening of a film from a mini-retrospective dedicated to each one of the ‘teachers’.

Art. 8 The movies of all sections will be selected by the Artistic Direction of the festival, who will choose the dates for the films to be screened at the festival, according to the needs related to the festival organization.


Art. 9 The movies of the sections mentioned in the previous articles will be presented in the original version, with English and Italian subtitles. All costs pertaining the electronic subtitling operations into Italian will be covered by the festival, whereas all costs pertaining the subtitling operations into English will have to be covered by the participants at their own expense. The movies not subtitled in English will be excluded.

Art. 10 Preview tapes must arrive no later than May 12th 2006. Only DVD or VHS tapes (Pal, Secam or NTSC) will be accepted. All preview copies must be shipped at the sender’s expenses, and sent to the following address :
Via Donatello 50
Pal. 6, Sc. C, Int. 7
00196 ROME

For customs purposes, International shipments must be marked as FOR CULTURAL USE ONLY – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. Shipments that cannot be cleared without fees will be rejected. Cassettes and DVDs sent to the above addresses must involve no expense for the recipients, otherwise they will be rejected.
The preview tapes and DVDs will be returned only if requested, at the applicant’s expenses. All costs incurred for the dispatch of the materials are at the expense of the participants.

Art. 11 Applicants must fill out and return the pre-selection entry form, which can be downloaded from the festival’s official website (, or can be requested by e-mail at the following address: An acknowledgement e-mail announcing the tape or DVD delivery is highly recommended.
The last date to propose a film is set for May 12th 2006, with the only exception of the films which will partecipate to the Cannes Film Festival (official selection or film market). For these films the deadline is set on May 28th 2006.

Art. 12 The submitters of the films selected for the different sections will receive an official invitation to attend the festival and a second entry form. By signing the official entry form the film representatives officially communicate their acceptance to screen their films at the TaorminaFilmFest. The selected films will be presented in 35/mm format. The selected films will be screened in DVD format only if there’s an explicit written declaration of the director or of the producer to do so. Any other standard will not be accepted.

Art. 13 The following material is requested for each officially selected film to be included in the general catalogue:
• film stills (2 minimum)
• director’s picture
• director’s bio-filmography
• short-synopsis, not superior to 10 typewritten lines.
All enclosures must be sent by e-mail to the catalogne responsible

Adele Ciampa
For TaorminaFilmFest 2006

or by ordinary mail to the official address of the festival, whereas only the dialogue list must be sent to the subtitling company chosen by the festival:

It will be at applicants’ responsibility to send a written confirmation to the following address:

Art. 14 The festival is authorized by the applicants to use excerpts of the selected works (3 minutes maximum), made available by the producers for TV promotional use.

Art. 15 The films received by the festival are fully insured from the moment that the festival receives them until their consignment to the shipping agents or other entitled persons (see art. 16) until the end of the festival, when they will be. In case of any damages caused by the Taormina Film Festival, the festival will refund only the material costs of the prints. Films submitted will not be copied, modified, broadcasted or screened outside the festival.

Art. 16 The screening prints of the officially selected films must be sent in order to arrive no later than June 5th 2006. The address of the official shipping agent of the festival is the following one:

Stelci & Tavani
for TaorminaFilmFest 2006
Via V. Manzini, 89
00173 Rome, ITALY
tel. +39 06 72 32 040
fax +39 06 72 67 25 79

Shipping charges of the selected copies, to and from the country of production of the film, will be sustained by the festival. Regarding all shipping expenses pertaining the delivery or the pick up (through Stelci & Tavani) of the films from Cannes Film Market or towards other festivals , the Taormina Film fest will cover only one way.

Art. 17 By signing the entry form, the candidates accept the above regulation issues in full. Any controversy not solvable by the above rules and regulations will be submitted to the festival director, whose decision will be final and binding.
The address of the artistic direction of the festival is the following one.

Via Donatello, 50
Pal. 6, Sc. C, Int. 7
00196 ROME,
tel. +39 06 32 65 00 35
fax +39 06 32 65 01 38


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