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::: Great Cinema at the Ancient Theatre :::

From 20th to 25th of June will be shown every night
on the big screen of Ancient Theatre these movie:

The sentinel

Date: 20/06/06

Details ->>

Pete Garrison is a US Secret Service agent. Twenty years ago he saved the life of a President of the United States, protecting him with his body from a series of bullets. Loved and respected by his colleagues, Garrison makes a career for himself and becomes the head of surveillance of the First Lady. He is therefore in contact with the highest spheres of government, looking after secret plans, procedures, maps and coded names. But his working universe goes in crises when edgy secrets start coming out of the closet…


Date: 21.6.06

Details ->>

Mexico, 1900. Sara, the daughter of a bunker, and Mary, the daughter of farmers, had nothing in common before the arrival in their hometown of Tyler Jackson, manager of the Bank & Trust of New York, sent to expropriate lands of the Mexican people to build the railroad. The two girls decide to ally to assault and ruin Jackson and Bank & Trust just as they have ruined the lives of entire Mexican families. Wanted by the police, Inspector Quentin is on their tracks. But the man falls a victim of the two gorgeous “bandidas”…

Seeking fear

Date: 22/06/2006

Details ->>

An action drama, the movie deals with the problem of women’s safety in a subliminal way. It mirrors a concept by showing the problem throughout the film, allowing the audience the opportunity to pick up and recognize the problem and giving them the ability to avoid looking like or becoming the victim. The film’s storyline is based on facts obtained and collected over many years of research in the prison system with convicted sex offenders and with countless victims of these crimes. Viewers will observe an interview with our protagonist and a serial rapist. We reenact these crimes, hearing his thoughts, as he is encouraged to talk to his profiler, award winning actress Charlene Fernetz. She asks him to account for his actions armed with these insights, she is planning a book, to be co-written with her friend Nina Atwal, a Special Victims Unit detective. He explains that he feeds on fear he sees in his victims.

United 93

Date: 23.6.06

Details ->>

On September 11, 2001, flight United 93 prepares to take off from Newark to San Francisco after a delay. As crew and passengers go through the usual flight routine, little do they know that four Al Qaeda terrorists are sitting in their midst. Once the airplane is airborne, the terrorists hijack the plane and force the pilot to head for their target, the third on that fateful day. The passengers and crew are faced with a dilemma: should they sit back and watch, or should they do something to prevent the terrorists from reaching their goal?


Date: 24.6.06

Details ->>

1938, Colonial India. Chuyia is an 8-year-old child who has just lost her husband. She is deposited in an ashram of Hindu widows ruled by Madhumati to spend the rest of her life in renunciation. At the home, she makes friends with the women around her. When she is made part of a secret of Kalyani and by mistake refers it to Madhumati, in the ashram all hell breaks loose. What follows will forever change their lives, and the life of little Chuyia.

Il fantasma dell'opera

Date: 25.6.06

Details ->>

At the Opera of Paris, Christine Daee is guided to success by a mysterious voice that comes from beyond the walls of her dressing room. The voice belongs to a mysterious man whose face is covered by a mask and invites her to leave her boyfriend in order to pursue her singing career. Christine pretends to accept but once the Phanton discovers she's cheating on him, he kidnaps her and detains her in the theater's basement.


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