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"Sicilian Agriculture" and "Taormina Arte"
A perfect couple to promote the agricultural, food, wine and gastronomy in Sicily

Thanks to an agreement with Taormina Arte signed by the Regional Agricultural Member, On. Innocenzo Leontini, the Sicilian agriculture and food is the protagonist at the Taormina BNL Film Fest. The enterprise is called "Sapori di Sicilia alla Ribalta, lo Spettacolo del Gusto" (Sicilian Flavour in the limelight: the show of the flavour). There are different meetings with the Sicilian products inserted in the exhibition. It is possible to see and taste wine, cheese, salami, oil, honey and sweets of the famous Sicilian Confectionery, they are offered at the end of the morning after the press conference, then in the afternoon you can take part to the guided tasting that is called "Ciak… golosi" (Ciak… greedy) - it consists in a real sensorial lab guided by the experts of the Regional Council, and it is a true way of discovering the rich Sicilian wine and gastronomic tradition. Besides, the most famous agricultural and food productions of the island enrich the prestigious gala dinner at the end of the Festival.
"The agreement signed together with Taormina Arte - the Regional Member Leontini asserts - can be insert in a wider and more complex program of promotion and enhancement of the Sicilian agricultural and food production, considering that Sicily takes part in famous national and international fairs and exhibitions"
"I am sure - Leontini says- that the agricultural and food development and the improvement of the Sicilian wine and gastronomic tradition must be proposed in a program that can join the home, cultural and tourist aspects.

Press release:
Assessorship for Agriculture and Forest
Coordination "Information and Communication"

The Taormina BNL FilmFest 2005 becomes a Taste Festival too.

Sicilian wine is a great protagonist of the "exhibition" Sicilian Tastes on the limelight: the taste show, organized by the Assessorship for Agriculture and Forest of the Sicilian Region. Sicilian wine, with its strength and its marked personality, represents with great success this wonderful island all over the world. "The value of our wines is revealed by our sun, and its beneficial rays - as Dr Roberta Bonsignore, expert of the Assessorship for Agriculture, explains - this was already well known by the Phoenicians and the Greeks, who were the first to introduce the growing of vine in Sicily. After thousands years, the Sicilian wines still preserve a genetic inheritance which is handed down from so far. Insolia, Cataratto, Moscato and Malvasia are only few of the autochthonous Sicilian wines mentioned even by Pliny and Colummella. Our land, as everybody knows, is very fertile and can give something special to every production. Since many years and in a very careful way, our work has been steered to bear in mind what history, traditions and the daily work taught us; but, at the same time, every useful innovation to the growth of this charming field has been introduced". During the exhibition and tasting of the Agroindustrial Sicilian Specialities, held every day at the Corner "Sicilia Agricoltura", on the fourth floor of the Congress Hall, after the press conferences our best Sicilian wines (Nero d'Avola, Grillo, Nerello Mascalese, Marsala, Zibibbo, etc…) and exclusive and famous specialities of Sicilian confectionery will be offered.

The milk shape: cheeses

The exhibition of Taste at the Taormina BNL FilmFest 2005 goes on. We can speak about "FormaFest", because this time the great protagonists are the Sicilian Cheeses. "Milk, rennet, salt … if we read only the ingredients - as dr Antonio Arrabito says, an expert who works by (the Regional Agricultural and Forest Council) l'Assessorato Regionale Agricoltura e Foreste - we can never imagine all the different kinds of cheese in Sicily. And be careful: they are only typical, unique and remarkable Cheeses that have a story, a tradition and a myth. Sicily in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea is in the heart of this geographical area where there is the most rooted cheese tradition. But if we must speak about cheese we have to start by speaking about Pecorino. It is produced in the whole island and it is the most ancient cheese, if we consider that the Cyclops Polifemo was a shepherd and a good maker of Pecorino. But you can taste a lot of cheeses here at the Festival: the Provole from Nebrodi, Madonie and Ragusane, the Vastedda from Valle del Belice, that is a rare pecorino cheese of melted paste, the Caciocavallo Ragusano and at the end the Piacentinu Ennese, where in its production phase the saffron is added, as the Norman Ruggero did and used its antidepressive quality for his wife who was greedy of cheeses.
It is possible to appreciate these particular cheeses in the exhibition and tasting of the Agricultural and food Sicilian Specialities that takes place, every day, in the Corner "Sicilia Agricoltura" (Sicilian Agriculture) on the 4th floor at the Palazzo dei Congressi after the Press Conferences, and in the guided tasting that takes place at 08.00 p.m. in the "Giardino di Bacco" at the Grand Hotel Timeo.

The real quality: The Sicilian extra vergine olive oil.

Considering the different records given to Sicily it is important to remember the excellent quality of most extra vergine olive oil and its peculiarity given by taste and flavour and the fact that it is produced in the particular and historical places here in this island.
Our oil has got biological, alimentary, and healthy virtues that are showed in the human diet just as an aspect to prevent different diseases that are spreading in the western countries. Polyphenols, sterols, poly-saturated fatty acids, and selenium, are some elements of oil that, by having a high biological value, are plenty in the extra vergine olive oil. Thanks to the work and the passion given by the olive growers and olive crushers together with the support of a team of experts of the Council, the Sicilian extra vergine olive oil has been one of the first in the most national oil exhibitions and now it is also consumed in those country that start using it.
A strong making know of this noble product is occurring in Taormina thanks to The BNL Film Fest, and it is appreciated by different members of the cinema world and so it is advantageous for the new image of our land


Translations by Iolanda Nastasi

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