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“My father was not a carpenter, he was a printer and with the publisher Bemporad he printed the fine Pinocchio drawn by Attilio Mussino. Even if I was a child, through the drawings of that book the puppet came true in my imagination. When I went over my way and the times of my work, the characters I met between Italy and America appeared again and, as a town boy, before the international world of the Cinema, I felt like Pinocchio in toyland”. Answering the insolent reporter’s question “Do you feel like Pinocchio?” Silvano Campeggi nearly jokes. And actually “Pinocchio sono io. Pinocchio, that’s me” is the title of the exhibition mounted by Taormina Arte and housed on the first floor of the Congress Hall, vibrant heart of the 49th edition of Taormina BNL Film Fest. Pinocchio has given very much to the Cinema and received a further spur to go round the world. Campeggi presents him like only an artist can do: the puppet is now with Hitchcock, now with ET. Here he is with Bambi, there with Mrs Loren. Pinocchio with Lassie, with Sylvester and Tweety, with Claudia Cardinale and Paul Newman. Pinocchio and the women. Pinocchio and the international film stars: typical is the expression of the famous puppet lost in reverie that looks at Marilyn with fluttering pleats; he is a rebel but after all a “dear boy” as the same Campeggi defines him. Marilyn is the icon of Taormina Film Festival, icon and symbol of a beauty that doesn’t pass and isn’t hostage of time. Born in Florence, he attends the art school and is a student with Ottone Rosai and Ardengo Soffici. He begins his career illustrating books and magazines for several graphic firms. After the war he moved to Rome and entered the painter Tamburi’s studio, he met the poster designer Martinati and was attracted by film posters. In 1988 the city of Florence dedicated him an exhibition housed at the Palazzo Medici Riccardi: “the cinema in the posters by Silvano Campeggi”. In 1995 Promo Immagine Cinema organized an exhibition of his works at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.There were original paintings of the most important film posters, and a series of portraits of actors and directors he met. In 1997 he made 35 paintings inspired to the historical Florentine football, they were then showed in an exhibition at Palagio di Parte Guelfa (Florenz) and in Lyons (France). In 1998 in Poppi Castle, Enrico Crispolti mounted his exhibition “Dreams stuck up over the walls”, enriched with sketches, posters and portraits of the personages met by Campeggi during his long career. In 1999 the town of Florence appointed him Magnificent Master of costume football. In 2000 the Florentine quarter of San Frediano housed his cultural and social exhibition “Nano torna in San Frediano. Tribute to Silvano Campeggi”: each shopkeeper of the quarter displayed a work by the master to provide incentives for the reclaiming and improvement of the quarter. In the same year he received the “Fiorino d’Oro”, it is the recognition that the town of Florence confers to those who contributed to make it great. In 2001 the town of Bagno a Ripoli, place where the artist lives, mounted a showing of a selection of 50 works dedicated to the American Cinema and published the volume “C’era una volta il cinema”. In Modena takes place the posters exhibition “Il Mito”. In Siena he makes the drape for the palio dell’Assunta and, at the same time, an exhibition of his works is mounted in the Museo di Santa Maria della Scala: “Pittura in diretta: Č palio”. In 2002 he makes a mural painting in the cinema of Lastra a Signa (Florenz), the portrait of the journalist Luigi M. Personč and in Bologna he opens the exhibition “Il cinema ritrovato: Tribute to Charlie Chaplin”. Silvano Campeggi lives and paints in Bagno a Ripoli, on the Hills of Florenz.

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