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La Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana presenta / Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana presents:
Prodotto da/Produced by
Angelo Barbagallo
Una produzione Rai Fiction/ Rai Fiction Production
Realizzata da/Realized by Býbý Film Tv
Distribuzione internazionale Rai Trade/Rai Trade International Distribution

Marco Tullio Giordana
Sogg./Story & Scen./Script:
Sandro Petraglia
Stefano Rulli
Roberto Forza
Roberto Missiroli a.m.c.
Scg./Art Dir.:
Franco Ceraolo
Elisabetta Montaldo
Luigi Lo Cascio (Nicola Carati)
Alessio Boni (Matteo Carati)
Adriana Asti (Adriana Carati)
Sonia Bergamasco (Giulia Monfalco)
Fabrizio Gifuni (Carlo Tommasi)
Maya Sansa (Mirella Utano)
Valentina Carnelutti (Francesca Carati)
Jasmine Trinca (Giorgia)
Andrea Tidona (Angelo Carati)
Lidia Vitale (Giovanna Carati)
Camilla Filippi (Sara Carati)
Greta Cavuoti (Sara Carati 8 anni)
Sara Pavoncello (Sara Carati 5 anni)
Claudio GioŔ (Vitale Micavi)
Paolo Bonanni (Luigino)
Riccardo Scamarcio (Andrea Utano)
Giovanni Sifoni (Berto)
Mario Schiano (professore di medicina
Michele Melega (professore di lettere)
Therese Vadem (Therese)
Stefano Abbati (spacciatore)
Giovanni Martorana (magrebino)
Paolo De Vita (Don Vito)
Mimmo Mignemi (Saro)
Domenico Centamore (agente Enzo)
Pippo Montalbano (commissario Sicilia)
Gaspare Cucinella (viddanu)
Dario Veca (macellaio)
Nicola Vigilante (infermiere)
Marcello Prayer (sottotenente)
Walter Da Pozzo (Mario)
Krum De Nicola (Brigo)
Maurizio Di Carmine (terrorista)
Roberto Accorsero (presidente Tribunale di Torino)
Fabio Camilli (detenuto Tangentopoli)
Antonello Puglisi (sacerdote Palermo)
Patrizia Punzo (gallerista)
Nila Carnelutti (Francesca Carati 8 anni)
Angelo Barbagallo
Italia 2003
366' / v.o. italiano / 35 mm
Print sources:
01 Distrubution
Piazza Adriana 12
00193 Roma
Tel. +3906684701
Fax +39066872141


La meglio giovent¨ is the story of an Italian family from the end of the ’60s till today. It revolves around two brothers, Nicola and Matteo. In youth, they share the same dreams, hopes, readings, and friends, until one day they meet a psychically disturbed girl, Giorgia, who diverts their destinies: Nicola decides to become a psychiatrist, while Matteo drops-out of university and becomes a policeman. Angelo, their father, is a warm husband and parent, although his exuberance is lived by the family with a certain tolerance, while Adriana, their mother, is a modern and irreproacha ble teacher, who loves her students just like her own children. Then comes Giovanna, the older daughter, who becomes a judge at a young age, and Francesca, the smallest, who marries Nicola’s best friend, Carlo, destined to an important role in the Banca d’Italia and – for this reason – a target of terrorism during the so-called “leaded years” (of terrorism) in Italy. So, this is the family. But there is also Giulia, the core of Nicola’s love life, who gives birth to Sara and Mirella, who in different times and ways, cross the destinies of Matteo and Nicola. Through this small nucleus of characters, crucial moments, facts and places of Italian history relive once again: from the flood of Florence, to the mafia in Sicily; to the great soccer games Italy-Korea, and Italy-Germany of the World Championship, to the songs of an era; from the working Turin of the ’70s, to the working Milan of the ’80s; from the youth battles against terrorism, all the way to the crisis of the ’90s, and the attempt of re-building and re-inventing a modern country. Without knowing it, our characters will follow their passions stumbling over their own stories and history; they’ll grow up, hurt themselves, and start all over again. Like we all do. La meglio giovent¨ – the title of a poetry collection by Pasolini but also the name of an old-time song of the Alpine army – is the portrait of a generation that through its contradictions and bewilderments, at times na´ve and at times violent, with a strong and at times off-key voice, tried to never give up to the world as it was, but to change things, in order to leave this world a little better than how it was found.


He made his first film, Maledetti vi Amer˛ (To Love the Damned) in 1980. In 1981 he directed La caduta degli Angeli Ribelli, in 1982 the video Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, inspired by musical composition by Benjamin Britten. In 1983 he shot the TV movie Notti e nebbie, based on the homonymous novel by Carlo Castellaneta, and in 1988 Appuntamento a Liverpool. In 1991 he then directed La neve sul fuoco, a chapter of the film La domenica specialmente (Especially on Sunday). In 1994 he participated to the collective film L’unico paese al mondo and in 1995 he directed Pasolini, un delitto italiano (Pasolini, an Italian Crime). In 1996 he produced and directed the film Scarpette bianche for RAI e UNICEF, in 1997 the editing film La rovina della patria and in 2000 the multi-awarded I cento passi (The Hundred Steps). For theater, in 1990 he directed L’elisir d’amore by Gaetano Donizetti for the Teatro Verdi of Trieste and in 1997 Morte di Galeazzo Ciano by Enzo Siciliano, for the Teatro Carignano of Torino. He also published a novel “Vita segreta del signore delle macchine” (1990) and an essay, “Pasolini, un delitto italiano!” (1994).





Maledetti vi amer˛
La caduta degli angeli ribelli
Notti e nebbie (TV)
Appuntamento a Liverpool
La Domenica specialmente (episodio La neve sul fuoco)
L?unico paese al mondo
Pasolini, un delitto italiano
I cento passi
Un altro mondo Ŕ possibile
La meglio giovent¨

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