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Signore & Signori

Il film è stato restaurato dalla
DEAR Cinestudi

in collaborazione con la
Fondazione Scuola Nazionale di Cinema - Cineteca Nazionale

Pietro Germi

Pietro Germi
Luciano Vincenzoni

Age e Scarpelli
Luciano Vincenzoni
Pietro Germi

Aiace Parolin

Sergio Montanari

Carlo Rustichelli

Art Dir.:
Carlo Egidi

Virna Lisi (la cassiera Milena)
Gastone Moschin (il ragionier Osvaldo Bisigato)
Alberto Lionello (Toni Gasparini)
Olga Villi (Ippolita Gasparini)
Beba Loncar (Noemi Castellani)
Franco Fabrizi (Lino Benedetti, il negoziante di scarpe)
Nora Ricci (Gilda Bisigato)
Gigi Ballista (il professor Giacinto Castellan)
Gia Sandri (Betty Soligo)
Quinto Parmeggiani (l'architetto Giovanni Soligo)
Moira Orfei (Giorgia Casellato)
Aldo Puglisi (il carabiniere Mancuso)
Alberto Rabagliati (il commendator Scodeller)
Patrizia Valturri (Alda Cristofoletto)
Stefano Satta Flores (C. S. C.)

Dear Film Produzione e R. P. A. Roma - Les Film du Siècle Parigi

Italia / Italy 1965
118' / v.o. italiano / 35mm

The opening of the film shows images of the city of Treviso and its surroundings.Three different stories are portrayed whilst the narrative sphere revolves around the same circle of friends. In the first story the protagonist represents the fictitious impotence of an astute 'libertine', who confides in his doctor friend revealing all his anguish. This man cannot resist the temptation to propagate all this gossip, only to regret it: this confidential news was false and only revealed so he would slacken his jealous surveillance of his young and stupid wife. In the second episode, a modest bank clerk, pestered by an intolerable wife, dreams about escaping with a beautiful lady at the cash desk in a bar. This project is cut short by his wife, extremely skilful at creating a scandal and therefore eliminating any possibility (even related to work) for the poor man who has no other choice but to return to his much abhored family. Episode number three: a young country girl goes into town to shop, but runs into a local group of 'libertines' who immediately take advantage of her. Her father, considering she is a minor, reports them. The scandal immediately instigates a few high-located people to 'hush it all up'. The farmer, convinced by conspicuous pay off and the personal sacrifice of the wife of one of the accused, withdraws his complaint.