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Nell'edizione restaurata dal
Centro Sperimentale-Cineteca Nazionale

Vittorio De Sica

Sergio Amidei
Adolfo Franci
Cesare G. Viola
Cesare Zavattini

Anchise Brizzi

Nicolò Lazzari

Alessandro Cicognini

Art. Dir.:
Giulio Lombardozzi

Franco Interlenghi (Pasquale)
Rinaldo Smordoni (Giuseppe)
Aniello Mele (Raffaele)
Bruno Ortenzi (Arcangeli)
Emilio Cigoli (Staffera)
Gino Saltamerenda (il "Panza")
Anna Pedoni (Nannarella)
Enrico De Silva (Giorgio)
Antonio Lo Nigro (Richetto)
Leo Garavaglia (il commissario di P. S.)
Antonio Nicotra (Bartoli, l'assistente sociale)
Giuseppe Spadaro (l'avvocato Bonavino)
Irene Smordoni (la mamma di Giuseppe)

Paolo William Tamburella

Italia / Italy 1946
95' / v.o. italiano / 35mm

Rome, immediately after the war. Pasquale and Giuseppe are two young roman shoeshine boys, living, like many others, on their wits. In other words, shining the shoes of American soldiers and dedicating themselves to other trades. These profitable businesses, although not totally legal, allow them to buy themselves the white horse they always dreamed of owning. Involved by their brother Giuseppe, much to their regret, in a robbery, they get sent to a reformatory to await the trial. Time goes by and their life becomes increasingly difficult. Surrounded by a bunch of rogues, precociously led astray, amongst whom only a few are able to behave appropriate to their age, and no matter what, treated inhumanly and unjustily by their guards and other prison staff. During the showing of a film, the 2 boys and three prisoners manage to escape. Pasquale is immediately recaptured with the other three, and feeling abandoned, he decides to accompany the police to where Giuseppe is hiding with his horse. As soon as he discovers that his friend has run away with the horse, he decides to follow him but a tragic accident causes him to fall off a bridg killing him.