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Il cappotto

Alberto Lattuada

dalla novella omonima di Nikolaj Vasilevic Gogol (1842)

libera riduzione di
Alberto Lattuada
Giorgio Prosperi
Giordano corsi
Enzo Currelli
Luigi Malerba
Leonardo Sinisgalli
Cesare Zavattini

Mario Montuori

Eraldo Da Roma

Felice Lattuada

Art Dir.:
Gianni Polidori

Dario Cecchi

Renato Rascel (Carmine De Carmine)
Yvonne sanson (Caterina)
Giulio stival (il sindaco)
Ettore Mattia (il segretario generale)
Giulio Calì (il sarto)
Antonella Lualdi (la figlia del sindaco)


Italia / Italy 1952
85' / v.o. italiano / 35mm

Pavia, in the thirties. Carmine De Carmine, an archive copyist, lives off his pension in a modest room. His small income does not allow him to buy the new coat he is in need of, but one day something happens: having by chance overheard a conversation between two builders regarding an illegal business deal in which the local council is also involved, the Secretary General offers him an advance on his pay in exchange for his silence. Carmine immediately orders a new coat from his tailor. With his new acquisition Carmine feels more confident and is invited, along with his colleagues to celebrate new Year's Eve at the Secreatry General's home, where he promptly gets drunk scandalising the Mayor by dancing with his lover Caterina. On his way he home he is robbed of his coat and a few dies later dies. His funeral, attended only by his tailor, interrupts the Mayor - who had denied him any help after the theft - who is giving a speech during a public ceremony in the main square. Having played a number of jokes on the local people, De Carmine's ghost appears in front of the petrified Mayor in exactly the same spot where the coat had been stolen.