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The Magic Pudding

Karl Zwicky

Animazione/Anim. Dir.:
Robert Smit

Norman Lindsay

Harry Cripps
Greg Haddrick
Simon Hopkinson

Richard Hindley

Chris Harriott

John Cleese (Albert the Magic Pudding)
Geoffrey Rush (Bunyip Bluegum)
Sam Neill (Sam Sawnoff)
Hugo Weaving (Bill Barnacle)
Toni Collette (Meg Bluegum)
Jack Thompson (Buncle)
Dave Gibson (Uncle Wattleberry)
John Laws (Rumpus Bumpus)
Mary Coustas (Ginger)

Gerry Travers

Australia 2001
80’ / v.o. inglese / 35 mm

The Magic Pudding is a unique animated feature about Albert, a magnificent magic pudding who can turn himself into just about anything – with a rather cantankerous temperament and an exhausting habit of always running away but never running out. Oh, and everyone is trying to steal him…

Karl Zwicky
Karl Zwicky has directed numerous drama and comedy television series including both the telemovie and the drama series Heartbreak High and Sweat, Ship To Shore, The New Adventures of Black Beauty, Police Rescue, Elly & Jools, as well as two series of the comedy action science fiction series The Miraculous Mellops, which he also co-created. In 1998, he directed and script edited Ace Ventura – an interactive CD-ROM based on the blockbuster movie.
Zwicky co-wrote the feature Vicious with P.J. Hogan, and directed and co-wrote the feature Paws, the highest grossing Australian film in the UK in 1998.
Zwicky also did the story adaptation of The Magic Pudding, with Morris Gleitzman. Upon the film’s completion, Zwicky travelled to South Australia as lead director on the new children’s series Chuck Finn. He has also directed the high rating american adventure series Beastmaster, and is currently in pre-production on a feature comedy.